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NetLearning Holdings Privacy Policy

Handling personal information requires special attention, since it involves the privacy of our shareholders including our customers, whose individual character and properties may be jeopardized by this procedure.
NetLearning Holdings understands the importance of the nature and handling of personal information, and we are constantly making efforts to respect the character and to protect the privacy of individuals whose personal information we have acquired through appropriate company procedures.

We hereby declare to abide by the rules indicated below to protect the personal information of individuals and establish a privacy policy, as our employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information by strictly adhering to thereof.

Article 1 Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

NetLearning Holdings will acquire personal information through appropriate business procedures with clearly delineated purposes and handle every personal information acquired exclusively according to the these premises.
We will keep a record of the uses and purposes of personal information acquired in conducting our business, set regulations for the nonproliferation of these personal information contents, and implement thereof accordingly.
We shall also implement administrative and security measures for handling personal information within the limits of business interaction.

Article 2 Administration and Protection of Personal Information

We shall strictly administer all personal information acquired, and we will not disclose those information to third parties without obtaining the consent of the individual customer.
We will also regulate and implement security measures to prevent the accidental leakage, elimination, and abuse of personal information.
At the same time, we will promptly respond to accidents concerning personal information by implementing corrective measures to prevent similar accidents.

Article 3 Commitment to Compliance and Codes of Conduct

NetLearning Holdings will adhere to the rules, guidelines, and regulations concerning the handling of personal information acquired through our business, as established by Japanese legislation.

Article 4 Responding to Claims and Inquiries

NetLearning Holdings will respond promptly to all inquiries and claims with regard to the personal information acquired in business by setting regulations for receiving and responding to inquiries and claims concerning our services.

Article 5 Our Personal Information Management Policy and Constant Improvement Thereof

NetLearning Holdings will make constant efforts in improving our administration and implementation with regard to the protection of personal information.

  • Policy announcement, as of January 4, 2010
  • Toru Kishida, Founder and CEO
  • NetLearning Holdings, Inc.
  • Inquiries on our Privacy Policy may be addressed to
  • Telephone: 03-5338-9411 (Business Administration Department)
  • Address: 3rd floor, Shinjuku Kifu Building, 7-2-4 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

Management of Personal Information

1. Disclosure on the Uses of Personal Information

To comply with the rules and regulations according to or in relation to Articles 18 and 24 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

(1) Personal Information Concerning Our Customers with Inquiries

  • To disseminate information concerning the activities of NetLearning Group
  • Responses to various customer inquiries
  • To provide the services of NetLearning Group
  • To investigate the user performance and statistics of NetLearning Group services
  • For research and development of new services to be provided by NetLearning Group
  • Public relations announcing seminars, exhibits, and releasing new products

(2) Personal Information Concerning Our Customers

  • For communication purposes with customers
  • To execute the premises of contract agreement
  • To announce seminars, exhibits, and new products of the NetLearning Group
  • Communication concerning the billing and collection of fees for NetLearning services
  • For research and development of new services to be provided by NetLearning Group
  • Responses to customer inquiries

(3) Personal Information Concerning Our Shareholders

  • To execute the privileges according to company laws and regulations
  • To implement various measures promoting positive and cooperative relationship between our shareholders and company
  • For administration of shareholder relations, such as keeping and updating our record of data concerning our shareholders, according to and abiding by the due legislation, rules, and regulations.

(4) Personal Information Concerning Individual Applicants to Job Openings in the NetLearning Group

  • Communication to persons with interest in our business activities and job applicants to NetLearning Holdings, with regard to employment and correspondence and/or information concerning job applications.
  • For personnel employment purposes

Personal Information Concerning Our Employees and Board Members

  • Personnel placement and positioning within NetLearning Group, other human resource management, salaries, compensation, and other labor management issues
  • Welfare, safety, health, and security
  • Education, training and development
  • Applications and notices to comply with due rules and regulations

Other information communicated according to individual purposes

2. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

NetLearning Group will not disclose personal information to third parties under any circumstances, except for the following purposes.

  • Requests according to individual agreement
  • Requirements to comply with legal regulations
  • In emergency situations where the life and/or property of the individual need to be protected, and where individual agreement is difficult to obtain
  • Where personal information is entrusted to the company for individual purposes

3. Items Regarding Procedures for Information Disclosure

NetLearning Holdings promises to respond to every inquiry and/or request for correction/addition/elimination of individual personal information, making sure to confirm the identity of the inquirer or authorized representative of the inquirer.
For inquiries and/or claims concerning our handling of personal information, please contact our privacy protection help desk indicated below. Thank you.

4. About our website

We will handle the personal information submitted to us through the Contact Us form and by e-mail in the most appropriate manner, with due diligence.

(1) Cookie handling specifications

We use cookies on our website. The "cookie" is the information that enables us to determine when and which web page our customers accessed, not including their names, mail addresses, and other personal information. NetLearning improves the company website by analyzing the access data using the cookie, to help the user convenience of our customers. Also, we sometimes use the cookie for providing effective advertisement on the internet.

(2) Declaration Concerning Customer Information Indicated on Linked Sites on the Web

We are not liable for the third-party web links from our web site.
We recommend our home page visitors to check respective web sites and their policies with regard to personal information (such as privacy policies).

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