The NetLearning Group creates innovative educational opportunities to enable our customers to “Learn for the future”

About NetLearning Holdings

Company Name

NetLearning Holdings, Inc.

Date Established

January 4, 2010


Head Office
3rd floor, Shinjuku Kifu Building, 7-2-4 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-5338-9411 (81-3-5338-9411 from overseas)
Facsimile: 03-5338-7422 (81-3-5388-7422 from overseas)

Shinjuku Office
Postal code: 160-0023 9th Floor, Nishishinjuku Prime Square, 7-5-25 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 81-3-5338-9411 Facsimile: 81-3-5937-0222

Hachijo Island Office
Postal code: 100-1511 848-2 Mitsune, Hachijo-cho, Hachijojima, Tokyo
Telephone: 81-4996-9-5851

Korea Office
Postal code: 04168 4th Floor, Changgang Building, 86 Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Telephone: 82-2-716-5571
Facsimile: 82-2-716-5530

Paid-in Capital


Main Business

Promoting NetLearning Group businesses, new enterprises

Group Corporations

Corporate Executives

Chairman of the Board

Toru Kishida (Founder)

Chairman and Representative Director

Hiroyuki Sato (CEO)

President and Representative Director

Susumu Kishida (COO)

Vice President and Director of the Board, Group Sales Supervising Director

Tsutomu Kishida (President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), NetLearning, Inc.)

Vice President and Director of the Board, Group CTO and Director of Technology Department

Jae-bum Lee

Vice President and Director of the Board

Toshiaki Yoshida (Managing Director, General Incorporated Foundation Open Badge Network)

External Director of the Board

Norio Murakami (Former Vice President, Google Inc., and Former Representative Director, Google Japan)

Director of the Board

Ayako Kobayashi (Deputy Senior Manager, Corporate Planning Department)

Resident Auditor

Hiroshi Ohnishi (Previous Senior Managing Director and Executive Officer, Toda Corporation; Former Director of the Board, The Mitsubishi Bank, Ltd.)


Satoshi Menjo (President, Genki Gakko, Inc.)


Yoshiro Nagashima (External Director of the Board, KANADEN CORPORATION & ZENKOKU HOSHO Co.,Ltd)

Executive Officer

Kimihiro Sasaki (Senior Manager of Platform Service, Technology Department)

Executive Officer

Ayako Kobayashi (Deputy Senior Manager, Corporate Planning Department)

Executive Officer

Keizo Kubota (Manager, Corporate Planning Department)

Special Advisor

Waichi Sekiguchi (Representative Director, MM Research Institute, Ltd.; Former Editorial Committee Member, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.)

Special Advisor

Masaru Murai (Former President, Compaq K.K.)

Special Advisor

Takeo Soma (Former President, The Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank Limited, Canada)

Special Advisor

Noboru Ishizaki (Former Resident Director of the Board, The Mitsubishi Foundation)

Special Advisor

Mitsunaga Kondo (Former Director, Development Division, NetLearning, Inc.)

Special Advisor

Yoshio Nemoto (Former Bureau Director, National Police Agency of Japan)

Our Corporate Group Members