The NetLearning Group creates innovative educational opportunities to enable our customers to “Learn for the future”

Message from Our CEO

「Learn for the Future」We shall make global contribution by creating new paradigms in education.

Toru Kishida Founder and Chief Executive Officer

In its first decade, NetLearning fulfilled its responsibility as a trailblazer and leading Japanese provider of e-Learning.
The power of e-learning has brought about a revolution in education, against the establishment of collective learning in the industrial age.

As pioneers in this process of initiating an innovative educational paradigm, we shall make a social contribution.
The NetLearning Group is making its first step forward into the next decade with our multiple corporate group members, wiwiw that supports workers resuming their jobs after taking leave from work due to maternity, nursing care and other reasons, Mingxiang Consulting (Shanghai) extending our e-learning solutions to users in China, Phoenix Consulting, helping organizations succeed in global initiatives by developing talent and training the next generation of leaders, and Asia Neteducation Research Institute ready to launch a 100% net-based professional graduate-level university.

I am delighted to observe our steady progress in making a global contribution, made possible by the increased collaborative efforts of our group corporations in enhancing business performance and output, as we continue to create innovations in learning with a worldwide capacity to serve the needs of our customers.

Toru Kishida
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
NetLearning Holdings, Inc.

Our Corporate Group Members